Day at Countryside

Full Circle

Class Starts at 8:30 AM

Circle Time

We begin our official school day with circle time. During circle time we discuss the day, weather, and calendar events. This is an opportunity for students to bring a Show-and-Tell item to share unique aspects of their family, culture, or experiences in nature.


We give our kid two snack times to fuel their eager and active minds. In the Nido class, the younger children eat as hungry.

Independent Works

The essential independent time for the Montessori classroom to provide students the opportunity to explore and develop at their pace and interest.

Outside Play

Students are given opportunities throughout the day to play and do works outside. Unless the conditions are unsafe, we are committed to outdoor time with our students.


More than a time to eat, lunch is an opportunity to work on social skills. Children stay seated while they eat and engage in conversation with their peers. Lunch time is also a great chance to demonstrate responsibility and care for their environment by preparing and cleaning the eating area.


Restful time is essential for the developing mind and body. We have rest time after lunch. Those who need it take a nap, and others enjoy the rejuvenation of a quiet and restful space to lay and recenter.

Independent Work

Outside Play

Class Ends at 4:00 PM

Before and After Times are for free play with Montessori materials and sometimes more mainstream toys.

Spaces are limited!